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redbubble feature page 5-3-2010

How cool is that... my cups were featured on the Redbubble feature page on 5 March 2010 among a collage of colourful art - it's a huge site with literally gazillions of images.  I'm chuffed :-) ..e^)

City Gallery, Invercargill

“With artists taking part from both near and far New Zealand’s Got Talent is an exhibition set to feature both award-winning and emerging artists. The aim of the month long exhibit being held at City Gallery, Invercargill is to showcase a broad range of styles and expose the upcoming talent that New Zealand has to offer. From abstraction to landscapes, mixed media to mosaics the amazing lineup of 29 fascinating artists is sure to delight viewers from all walks of life. The show is to have an opening night at City Gallery, Don Street at 7pm, March 5th 2010. The exhibition itself is open to the public and will run from March 5th-31st. Participating artists from the Southland region will be in attendance.
Participating Artists are:
Janet Marshall, Sophia Elise, Kirsty Black, Tanya Dann, Jane Santos, Natasha Shackleton, Chavah Kinloch, Sally Blyth, Robyn Robertson, Amy Mackiewicz, Philina Den Dulk, Sharlene Schmidt, Michelle Wallis, Suzanne Carter, Marimba Powley, Cath Sheard, Tracey Ste…

in the clouds all the time

Painting is like a wonderful whimsical place of escape to me - it's like having your head in the clouds all the time!  this one is 14" x 18" or 355 x 460mm, stretched and ready to hang and available on trademe for a short time.  Thanks for visiting my blog ..e^)