Bandana Crowd

Here's a new little painting done in oil on canvas 410mm x 310mm available on Trade Me for 10 days, also on Redbubble as a card if you're interested.

Phew it's been a while and time for me to get down to doing a few more little works and putting them up here to view from a distance.  I see them as experimental and more play than work, but I prefer to learn through doing (it myself!), than being taught - also I love to try the odd approach just 'cos I can.  I will once again try to commit to a regular update here - good motivation.  So please pop in whenever... and thanks for looking ..e^)


Mi said…
Oh it´s been a long time, that I came around! But I am always happy to be here and watch your work! It´s a pleasure for all eyes, Erika :-)
Best wishes from Germany!
Thanks Mi, you're a sweetie ..e^)

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