bird in hand

I used my favouritest colours again for this - white, raw and burnt sienna, ultramarine blue.  And there are some tiny hearts painted on the dress.  The birds are symbolic of opportunities that come our way - we need a keen eye to spot them, a thankful heart when they happen, and keep the feet on the ground always.  This is available as a card on Redbubble and the original is on Trade Me for this week.  Thanks for popping in, back again in a week with another if you're interested ..e^)



Mi said…
Wonderful! I like this symbolic character!

Please visit and look at my birdy :-)
Thanks Mi, only saw this now, so will pop over to your blog now...e^)
Oh no now I want to cry, what a lovely little swallow and what a very sad ending... sleep softly little bird ..e^)

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