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10" x 10" x 1.5" acrylic on museum canvas - heavy stretcher bars... 225 x 225 x 30mm

This one was done as fund raiser for women of Samoa to return home for a women's conference held every two years, this year in November.  So the painting is about Pasifika women in more than one way - available on trade me for 10 days.... inspired by my lovely friend Leao; good girl, keep going!! ..e^)


caritas: oil on stretched canvas 11" x 14" x .5" or 280 x 356 x 18mm
poppyana is looking after her doves, making sure they have everything they need - tomorrow they will sing their sweet song for her again... thanks for looking..e^)

drawing on a mirror

{Drawing on a Mirror}  Thick acrylic paint, straight from the tube, mixing on the canvas while wet - what a delight to push pigment around!  This is a small painting, two faces, one solid, one a line 'drawing'... more or less the effect when you start off experimenting with self portraits drawing directly on a mirror.. have you ever tried that?  This is hanging in White Flower cafe, 88 Clyde Road, Browns Bay for this week, while it's on auction on trade me.  They make good coffee there.. e^)