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daisy chain/chain daisy

daisy chain/chain daisy - 10" x 10" acrylic on stretched canvas times 2

I have just sent these two off to Tirau to be exhibited in the first small canvas exhibition and competition at "Art on Main" during the month of October.  If you're not in little New Zealand, or not close enough to Tirau for a look, then hop over to fine art america for a look at the prints that are available - you can view them individually also and not as diptych as here. These are done in appreciation of the little things in life - thanks for the visit ..e^)

waiting in the wings

If you've ever studied music or dance or drama or speech you will know the feeling just before it's your turn... the butterflies, excitement, dread, nerves, adrenaline, remembering the countless hours that went into the preparation.

Oil on recycled canvas 500 x 250 x 35mm available on trade me for a week ..e^)



A little fantail made of wire and a teaspoon.. size about 130 x 130mm or 5" x 5"

Piwakawaka or fantails are small insectivorous birds native to southern Asia and Australasia and I think they're just the cutest of cute, very busy and rather exhibitionist in the way they can flit around hunting for insects and showing off their fancy fantails..e^)


See! In the Kauwae-Raro,
O small dancing bird,
Old Kupe says you touched him,
We have his stately word.

And what said Kupe of you,
O small bird of grace?
He said: “The Tiwai Waka
Kept flitting past my face!”

O little Tiwa Waka,
O kind little wing!
I've seen a woman hunt you,
With haste and muttering.

She said it was unlucky,
She drove you out with cries,
For when a fantail flies within
A son or neighbour dies.

Unlucky! It's an honour,
A bird flying through.
He had the whole sweet countryside,
And yet he came to you.

- Eileen Duggan