A little fantail made of wire and a teaspoon.. size about 130 x 130mm or 5" x 5"

Piwakawaka or fantails are small insectivorous birds native to southern Asia and Australasia and I think they're just the cutest of cute, very busy and rather exhibitionist in the way they can flit around hunting for insects and showing off their fancy fantails..e^)


See! In the Kauwae-Raro,
O small dancing bird,
Old Kupe says you touched him,
We have his stately word.

And what said Kupe of you,
O small bird of grace?
He said: “The Tiwai Waka
Kept flitting past my face!”

O little Tiwa Waka,
O kind little wing!
I've seen a woman hunt you,
With haste and muttering.

She said it was unlucky,
She drove you out with cries,
For when a fantail flies within
A son or neighbour dies.

Unlucky! It's an honour,
A bird flying through.
He had the whole sweet countryside,
And yet he came to you.

- Eileen Duggan


Mi said…
Lovely poem! But also cruel- poor little birdie... I have never heard of them!

Send you all best wishes from the other side of the world :-)

Hi Mi! Thanks for the comment xx

It's a tiny little bird, also called a Fantail - for obvious reasons - and I love them, they're so sweet. But they're not unlucky, at least not for me! ..e^)xx

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