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atc three

The third lot of artist trading cards made by me - watercolour on 300gsm cp watercolour paper.  These are available for postal exchange to anyone wishing to swap with me... comment below if you wish to take up the offer ..e^)

flora flurry

Oil painting 500 x 250 x 35mm.  This took me a while to finish what with all the fiddly bits, but what fun to play with oils again... I love the smell, missed it.  And by now you know that I love flowers, especially daisy look a-likes!  Thanks for popping in to take a look ..e^)

atc too

some more atc's or aceo's from my first series of 25 - still doing them in watercolour on watercolour paper, and as you can tell I'm having major fun.  How's yours coming on?  The titles on these are:  potato head, tony, dancing shoes, bedtime prayers, bike ride... and the method is still the same as last time: tea bag stain, pencil, watercolour, sealer... they're addictive!!! ..e^)

atc's - artist trading cards

Artist trading cards!  Here in little New Zealand we've been aware of the craze of artist trading cards especially in the USA for a while now and have been watching from a distance.. until the invitation to take part in a local atc swap by Collette Fergus - see here if you would like to take part.

In short, atc's are tiny little original artworks, 64mm x 89mm to be precise and are made to trade, never to sell.  This meant that only artists could collect, trade and swap cards... so the clever people have come up with aceo's - artist cards, editions and originals - which are available to buy.  So now all peoples can own a little collection of beautiful, inspiring cards!

I've had loads of fun with my set of 25 just completed. All of them started out by teabag printing on watercolour card - yup, those used teabags have been calling me to do something with them.  Then I used pencil to do the drawings and after that out came the watercolour paints - something I've been …