atc four

ATC - artist trading cards - mania.... these four were part of the October ATC New Zealand exchange organised by Collette Fergus.  I received four awesome cards back which I will share with you soon.  Big thanks to Collette for organising this - if you'd like to take part the next one is already on the cards ;-) - see here
and send in your cards before 12 December 2010 ..e^)


Collette said…
Hi Erika, youre most welcome! The next swap is happening on the 12thb December 2010 if anyone else is keen to joni in.
Erika your cards are amazing, love love love them!
thanks Coll!! I LOVE doing them, have had to lock them away to get some work done.. LOL! Would love to take part in the 12th Dec one - but somehow can't send you a message through the FB site.. there's no 'message' link under the profile pic - could we do something to change this? Otherwise people wanting to take part have no way of indicating ..e^)xx (or am I missing something as usual?? maybe cos I'm admin...)
Liou said…
thank you Liou - your site is lovely too, I just couldn't understand the language (is it Spanish?) but loved it anyway ..e^)
thanks brbulka.g, appreciate your comments ..e^)

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