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teabag people I

150mm x 450mm x 35mm acrylic and graphite on stretched canvas - acrylic applied with watercolour method and layering.

I've used teabags before to make prints, then develop the prints into some characters.  This time I've done exactly the same on a different support and not in watercolours, but using acrylics.  Great fun.  At the end of it I usually feel like having met a whole bunch of new creatures from the storyline of a children's book.  Thanks for the visit! ..e^)


is where the heart is.  This little gem (#6) is about camping the traditional way: in a tent, with the minimum of fuss, sleeping and sitting on the ground, staying close to the earth.  Going without the luxuries of modern life could bring one to a happy place within the self and with a new outlook and perspective on life - basic is good.

225 x 225 x 35mm oil on canvas, available through trade me for a week ..e^)

green fingers

225 x 225 x 35mm or 10" square - oil on stretched canvas - is all about the earth and things natural.  Why there's bunny ears involved I have no idea.  Thanks for popping in and taking a look around my humble blog ..e^)

hard work - little gem #4

oil on canvas 200mm x 200mm x 15mm stretched and ready to hang.  Atlas? I'm sure he took lessons from deft African women who can gracefully carry the heaviest loads with apparent ease - wish I had the skill, just think...  Look ma, no hands!  This is on auction for this week here  ..thanks for popping in for a look ..e^)

soul of the city

soul of the city... 8" x 8" x .5" or 200 x 200 x 15mm

Oil glazes make up most of this little work. It is number 3 of this year's Little Gem Series which I always try to do around Christmas and New Year - I think it might be the fourth year I'm painting gems... yes, think so.  Anyway, this one just happened... I started drawing a cityscape as I was feeling like painting a landscape for a change and then the face just dropped in - hello!  OK then, if you insist.  But I reserve the right to put a pot plant on your head then... e^)