teabag people I

150mm x 450mm x 35mm acrylic and graphite on stretched canvas - acrylic applied with watercolour method and layering.

I've used teabags before to make prints, then develop the prints into some characters.  This time I've done exactly the same on a different support and not in watercolours, but using acrylics.  Great fun.  At the end of it I usually feel like having met a whole bunch of new creatures from the storyline of a children's book.  Thanks for the visit! ..e^)


Mia ... said…
What a clever idea I must try it!x
Hi Mia, thanks! I recommend tea bag art, it's great fun and I'm sure there are many more ways to use those little bags ..e^)
brbulka.g said…
Very nice ... :-)
air max 90 said…
Great informative article. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great job with this blog.
thanks peoples ..e^)

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