Acrylic on stretched canvas 225 x 305 x 15mm and the last one in this year's series of Little Gems available through trademe

I was planning on doing 30 or so - as I normally do over the summer holidays, roughly one every day for a month - but this time things didn't work out the way I planned and I have to stop at 10 as more pressing work needs to be taken care of. 

So until next summer, this is the last of the little gems - a conglomerate of characters, all started by making teabag prints with used teabags and then developing the print into something recognisable - or not!  This time there is a catfish ogling another fish, still another fish chasing bubbles, a puffy tail squirrel, an elephant, a crazy square looking kid with chicken pox pulling a tow truck called 'truck it' - and a dotty lady doing a weird dance in red heels... ok.  Thanks for putting up with me ..e^)))

2011 tip four:  paint from the heart.  If you work with hands only, you labour.  If you work with hands and head, you craft.  If you work with hands, head and heart you create art with soul.. Francis of Assisi - Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone; 1181/1182 – October 3, 1226 ...e^)


young by design said…
Very whimsical! Do you have a post somewhere on your blog where you explain the teabag process? I'm very intrigued!! I'm totalling enjoying your lovely artwork!
brbulka.g said…
Nice pictures ... bring joy ... :-)
Thanks brbulka, joy and fun is what it's all about ;-)

Young by design, thanks for the comment! I think best would be to make a blogpost explaining the process... out soon! Thanks for your interest in my work e^)
travel2gether said…
Found your blog through one of my follower. Nice art, and please keep posting.

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