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Teabag People!

I've had people asking me to describe my teabag people process in more detail, so I thought why not???  Sharing is what we are here for so here we go.... only thing is that you have to be a tea drinker like me - and save your used bags and let them dry first.  The best ones are the ones that could have done another cuppa, so have a little colour left in them.... ok here goes..

Step one: prep a canvas or painting surface with Gesso layers until it's very smooth and silky to the touch - a couple of layers with a light sand in between each.

Step two: wet your used teabags and express the excess water - use the ones that still have some coloured water coming off and lay them on your prepped surface, press down firmly and leave them sitting for about 15 minutes.

Step three: remove the teabags - you could give the whole surface a wipe with one of the teabags to give the background a stained look too.  Let dry. (If you can't wait, use a hairdryer)

Step four: use a sharp B3 or softer pencil and start drawing around the shapes you can see on the canvas/support and let your imagination take you wherever it leads - have a good stare for a couple of minutes at the shapes you have and start emphasizing the forms by adding detail like eyes, mouths, ears and limbs.  Or fins, tails, ears or even wheels if you must!  Main thing is to let the imagination take you to a different planet, ok?

Step five:  use water colour paints or thinned acrylics to add colour to your 'people' remembering to make them stand out from the background by darkening the background and creating a contrast.

Step six:  finish by varnishing your creation, spray varnish is easier, just follow the instructions on the can.

And that's it!  I would love to see your creation so you are welcome to send me a jpg of your work at and I will pop it on my blog here, or on facebook - come on, you know you want to!!  ..e^)


young by design said…
Thanks, Erika! I love your teabag people/animals, etc. I will put this on my list of things to try. They really are amazing!
My pleasure :-) Have fun!!! ..e^)
Holly Jones said…
This is such a fun idea. Im a teacher and think I might try this out with my class, Im sure they will love it :) Thank you

chelsea said…
That's such a cool idea!
nice post!

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Great Holly! Would love to see what your class come up with using this process - enjoy! ..e^)
Thanks Chelsea ..e^)
superman said…
Nice post!
That was really such a wonderful idea!

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thanks superman, it's fun too! ..e^)
Cara Erika sono un nuovo supporter del tuo blog. Sono un ragazzo italiano 43 anni. Ho molti hobby e sono anche uno scrittore. Amo molto la tua nazione. In particolare il team new zeland e i all-black. Con amicizia Giovanni.
WoW! this is awesome. .great post.=)

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