I'm procrastinating again and when I do that I come up with the most wonderful, exciting things to do... like making bears for example, from leftover bits of tapestry fabric from a friend's husband's furniture design business.  Stuffed with fluff from my overlocker.  The result?  A gorgeously heavy bear, 30cm long - I only need to finish the face still, will upload a picture of the finished bear soon.  In the meantime, tadaaaa... meet (faceless) bear number one..

2011 tip two:  recycle is good



brbulka.g said…
Hello ... is nice ... a son myself I sewed a stuffed animal ... the bears ... according to Burda magazine ... :-)
well done! Did you do it by hand or machine? Great fun isn't it! ..e^)
brbulka.g said…
I sewing machine ... I formed a similar case for my son ... had the pleasure ... :-)
chelsea said…
Nice work! It is really gorgeous!

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thanks Chelsea ..e^)

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