teabag people III

Star swatting or aiming at the pesky bird? More teabag people coming from my used teabags... yes, I love a regular break with a cuppa - black without sugar thank you.  And I'm finding that I enjoy the drawing part of this - you never know where it's going or what it's going to be.  Stare at it long enough and the brain shapes it into something recognisable.  So yes, these workings are heuristic... and GREAT fun!!!  This particular one had some room for play with scumbling, and I added some stars each with a gold dot, so that the mood will most definitely change with artificial light.  The sides are painted and decorated with the same generation stars.  Thanks for following my arbitrarilations ;-) back soon

2011 tip three: an artwork is never finished - you just tend to stop working on it at some point.  The key is to stop working on it when the point is reached ..e^)


arthome said…
ek hou van jou karakters
dankie Gerda! ..e^)xx
joyce said…
I just found your site through arthome. I love your paintings and I'm looking forward to making my way back through your blog to catch up. You do beautiful work!
thank you Joyce! I so appreciate your comment ..e^)

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