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is part of my studies this year at TLC - International School of Art and Creativity - I hope to post here once a month or so to show what I've been up to.  This time it's cabbage tree leaves - dead ones - that I collected from our (overgrown) garden.  I've soaked them in water overnight and then proceeded to do some finger weaving, without plan or drawing, just letting the fibre go where it would.  I like the loose strands hanging from the work and call these my cabbage tree drawings.  The cabbage tree (cordyline australis) has been in New Zealand about 15 million years and has evolved into many different species over time - therefore differing species can be found over the two islands, apparently adapting to the different soils and climates and many types were given names by the Maori like tī kōuka, tī kāuka, tī rākau, tī awe, tī pua, and tī whanake.

2011 tip five:  mud is beautiful ..e^)