ICE 2011

This time every year there is an air of anticipation around... it's almost time for the International Collage Exchange to open and that means beautiful, weird, profound, ambiguous and awesome collages can be seen here from the 1st of April for a month long exhibition.  For the lucky ones living in New Plymouth, New Zealand there is also the opportunity to see them all in real life at a gallery there and of course to buy a couple.

This year I made a collection of cat collages and covered them with paint, paper, drawing and varnish - they came together nicely but only right at the end..... phew!

...back soon with more news ..e^)

...and my "cat-a-tonic" has sold... see the whole exhibition   here!!


Lucky Dip Lisa said…
What counts is that they DID come together! Not long to wait now and we will see the whole exhibition on line!
Yes, yes, can't wait! Maybe I'll be lucky and get one of yours in exchange???? Love your set and the nest theme that runs through it ..e^)
Jo Murray said…
Lovely collages Erika, and I see yours has sold. Congratulations!
Thanks Jo, just had a look at your Moon/Earth - it's beautiful ..e^)
brbulka.g said…
Lovely work ... color ... fantasy image ... beautiful ... :-)

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