paper paper paper

Bee in the bonnet...... with the support of a couple of formidable artists we have started a book signature exchange.  Closing date for the first exchange is mid September this year, so plenty of time still to complete an entry for the exchange and competition.  For more information see the art swapper's website and if you like it, you are welcome to connect through facebook as well.

Here is one signature I'm working on at the moment.... they're really easy to do and great fun - which is what art and creativity is all about.  (I think I'm in love with paper at the moment!!!)

Happy papering ..e^)

2011 tip #6:  hop over to and do consider taking part in the first ever signature swap - open to all artists from everywhere ..e^)


Jo Murray said…
Am seriously considering joining the signature exchange, but from the look of this competition will be fierce. Beautiful.
thanks Jo and you're very welcome to join the sig exchange. I'm sure it's going to be fun... (oh and I'm following your blog now too, great collages!!!) ..e^)
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