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a tiny zig-zag book

I've made a little concertina book and I love it - am still working on the pages and will continue doodling in it.

It's made from Readers Digest magazine pages and the cover measures 75mm x 30mm or 3" by 1.5" for my metrically challenged friends ;-)

2011 tip eight: the number of brushes you own doesn't make you a painter... I just bumped over two containers with a zillion brushes into an unreachable corner of the studio... bummer! :-)

Calling all artists

Entry into the First Signatures Exchange is now open
If you work with or are interested in art papers, art journals, unique handmade books, book binding and one offs this might interest you:  this is the first worldwide swap happening this year in September.  All explained on the Art Swappers website

The outcome of the exchange will land you about 10 book signatures from artists all over the world.  These signatures will be ready to incorporate into a journal, book, safe box, displayed on your coffee table, incorporated into your own art journal, hung on the wall - well, the choice is very open and up to you.  Have a look at the website and let me know if anything is unclear - and do let me know if you'd like to take part ..e^)

2011 tip seven:  big works are painted one brush stroke at a time - so I'm getting off this computer now... as in NOW!!!