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paua pendant...

Latest addition to my collection of hand-made pieces - have a look on VanillaBlue for more - is this traditional paua pendant. It's adjustable from 64cm to 40cm and slips over the head, no fiddly catchy bits.

Polished paua, glass beads, two foil rose lampwork beads on black waxed cotton cord - 64cm adjustable available from trademe for this week

Thanks for popping in here - see again soon ..e^)

new hobby...

new hobby!  charm beads! inspired by Franda Zondagh - have a look at her 'once again' upcycled pieces.

My bracelets include handmade polymer roses and petals and stuff - love it, and charm bracelets are uber cool

This one is called 'potpourri' and I had great fun creating it.  It's available to people in New Zealand only - sorry!  But I have some more waiting for you on my new website VanillaBlue
- the website is still raw and needs more work, but what the heck, it's up!  And the shopping cart is working, so you can grab one if you fall in love with it.. thanks for taking a look ..erika