fish and chickies

New oil and graphite on stretched canvas, sides painted black. This has a horizontal orientation and therefore has no top or bottom ;-) which means you can hang it absolutely any way, even diagonally from a corner.  The title is "fish and chicks" - a playful take on the very important Kiwi staple and culture "fush and chups" :-)  The size is just over a half by a half meter and it's for sale through Trade Me for a while.

Thanks for having a look ..e^)



Mi said…
Hello Erika!

It is a beautiful painting! I see, you are very creative anyway! Great!

Best wishes from the other side of the world :-)
Jo Murray said…
Lovely work Erika... far too beautiful to equate with anything as ordinary as 'fush'n'chups'.
thank you Mi, greetings from this island in the Pacific back to you ;-)

thanks Jo, no elevation allowed, so we'll have to stick with the fush, allowing just a little with the chicks LOL!
I invite you on my new blog.
The perfect gift.
Liou said…
un bello trabajo...
Lina-Paola said…
Hey there Erika, I think this painting came out really well for you!! I think it has a sort M.C. Escher type of style to it, since everything fits together really well. I say keep going!! I can't wait to see more of your work, so keep posting!!
Shishir Naik said…
Wonderful painting!
Muchas gracias Liou! And thank you Lina and Shishir - all your lovely comments are much appreciated ..e^)xxx
Bus Booking said…
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brbulka.g said…
Very nice...! :-)

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