My latest little painting, just finished and oh man did it take a while to finish!  Don't know why but I had to paint this with the number 1, 2, 3, and 4 brushes... but it was fun to see it materialize over a couple of days.

510 x 510 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas, painted on the horizontal, so orientation for hanging is up to you.  Available from trademe until sold.  Thanks for visiting my bloggity blog ..e^)



Lina-Paola said…
I really like the tranquility of this piece, I think its because of the muted colors and the expression that the girls have on their faces. Real nice piece! Keep on posting!!
thank you Lina, much appreciated! And I will keep posting as I finish them..e^)
Mi said…
It looks like a Mandala- so quiet, calm and tender! Beautiful!
thank you Mi, you are so kind! ..e^)

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