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signatures everywhere!!

Seth Apter from 'The Altered Page' hosted a 'Stackaholics Anonymous' a while ago and I had just the perfect entry for that: a glorious stack of entries for the first International Signature Exchange on now.  Visit our Facebook Art Swappers on Facebook and 'like' us to be able to 'vote' for the best entry by putting down as many 'likes' as you wish (look for the photo album of signatures) ... and do consider to take part in next year's swap if you're into hand-made books and journals.  I know I'm hooked or booked or whatever you want to call it ;-)

Thanks Seth!


Asemic Writing

Work 12, silicon on leather, 460 x 460mm

Just a quick glimpse into the work I am developing at the moment - for the Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity studied through the Learning Connexion.

I am testing different materials, different processes and finding it stimulating, eye opening, satisfying, enlightening, fresh and informative.

Work 12 is one of 12 works I'm creating for end of year assessment and exhibition, and it could be seen as asemic writing.