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star gazing

Image something we all do from time to time, depending on how much time we have.  Which is a pity really, because somehow star gazing seems important in a way - to take the time out to just look.  So as soon as this long white cloud subsides a little and night falls in the Southern skies, I'll do some star gazing again, and lose count of time for a while ;-)

Best wishes for this Christmas season to each and every one visiting this blog - may faith, hope and love be with you ..e^)

My Bonnie Book Surprise

Sometimes life just surprises me with things totally unexpected.... like today.  In the post box I found a parcel addressed to me, for a change - these things usually turn up addressed to any other member of the here family except me.  Opened it up as fast as I could (who concocted the glue on these plastic postal bags??? absolutely amazing holding quality...) and whoop whoop out came a most wonderful little handmade book and a note...  by Bonnie Miller.  It was made from watercolour paper and fabric, with coptic binding using rainbow coloured thread.... and decorated with these beautiful beads.. marvellous.
So here I am, with a smile all the way to a cheshire cat, happy as pudding and pie and it's not even Christmas yet.
Thank you Bonnie, keep working your magic... can't wait for next year's exchange to see what you will come up with next...