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Last Little Book for 2012

A last little book to celebrate 2012.. so much to be thankful for.

This little thing has a real leather cover and the inside is one big sheet of paper, folded so that it looks like a book.  As you open it up it has a message of love and admiration written in freehand, the words written by me.  The paper is 420mm x 300mm (16" x 12") and I've decorated the back with water colours, ink and two tiny paper collage hearts.

It closes with a leather string.  It's a sweet little thing.

Happy 2013 - may it be a good one for all, but whatever it brings - keep the faith :-)


We have here a collection of Readers' Digest condensed books - as I'm sure many people do - some of which are duplicated (how did that happen?) or yellowing and falling apart.  They've been read to death, I like to believe.  I have been eyeing these beautiful yellow pages for a while, and when another book came apart the other day, I started playing and created this little book.  I plan to do some coptic binding on the spine, but it's so interesting without the binding that I just had to show off a little...  Watch this space for the finished 'journal' ;-)

..and thanks for watching my blog, till next time ..e^)

Wrapped up for another year..

And so we came to the end of another Art Swap.  This year we had 11 people taking part, making signatures for an art journal, sending them in, then I swap them out and send the packs back to each participant.

And in between sending in and posting out we had a small panel of judges selecting a winning entry, and family and friends voting on Facebook for their favourite signature.

The winning entries this year were by Cath Sheard - overall winner, and Maha Tomo - People's Choice.  Congratulations!!

The excitement is not over yet... the return signatures could now be bound into a real, one-off, unique and very special art journal in which each artist can now do their art journaling.  Photo's of these new journals will be posted on our ArtSwappers website as soon as I have them in my sweaty little hands..

Thanks to each and every one that took part in ArtSwappers 2012 - we're doing it again next year!!!!  Watch this space for the artist call.... till next time ..e^)

ArtSwappers 2012

It's that time of the year again where I have the company of some of the most beautiful paper art from artists from all over.  Have look on the ArtSwappers website for an online exhibition.  It's also on Facebook waiting for your 'likes'... if you can't make it to the real exhibition at Artists Den and Gallery, 20 Kitchener Road, Milford, Takapuna - where you might just get the opportunity to page through some of them...

 The exhibition entries - Carolyn Swart, Cath Sheard, Maha Tomo, Brenda Cash, mine :-), Jenny Whitten, Corli Husselmann, Bonnie Miller

and there are three entries still in transit..
Happy paper day!!  ..e^)

red spot

Just a short and sweet note to say that I'm now represented by a lovely, friendly gallery in Rotorua called Red Spot Gallery.  So if you're in the area you won't regret a visit... it's a most awesome contemporary space.. and Black Sheep is now available through Red Spot :-)

black sheep - oil on canvas 1020mm x 750mm

Thanks for the visit :-) ..e^)

This and that...

Have been busy preparing works for a couple of local art shows ;-) They promise to be huge, wonderful shows, not to be missed!!!

I'm chuffed to have five or six works in each of these shows:

Riversdale 39th Art Exhibition held 21 - 29 July at
73 Newcastle Street

and also

NZ Art Show held 2-5 August at
The Events Centre
Queens Wharf

'Nonconformist' (oil on stretched canvas - 900mm x 600mm) was selected as finalist in this year's Cliftons Art Award (which was won by Gary Roberts of Auckland).  Contact me if you're interested in owning this painting

Kindest regards


20/11/12 - This painting is now SOLD  ..e^)


is my latest work in the 'conglomerate' series which I'm doing at the moment - all are done in mixed media, containing a small collection of small things and processes that gives me joy.  This is then sealed in a doming resin layer which makes it pop into something that I just love to touch...

Thanks for looking  ..e^)

Original Art Sale 2012

I'm taking part in this annual show again this year and below is a snippet of one of the four paintings I have on the show..

With 1400 new works by nearly 400 artists it's a huge show, all under one roof and certainly worth a visit.  Details here and it's on from 18 to 20 May 2012

Thanks for watching my blog ;-) ..e^)

one of a kind

Painted today, using the tube.. then some finger painting, and then some brushwork.
After some awesome looking Leghorns my dear Granny used to keep on the farm.  But those turkeys were scary.... ;-)  Thanks for watching my blog ..e^)

Just a quick (click) request..

..if you have a moment and don't mind me asking...Please go to this page and then log in using your Facebook account, or register a new account. Then have a look at my profile and click the "collect me" button to help me get into the show.... Through clicking the "collect me" button you will help me get some possible exposure in New York... the art central of the world they say - I just need five more "collects" to be in the game.. Thank you to all those willing and able... you're so sweet!!! Oh and while you're there, do have a browse through the "artists wanted" and "collect" as many artists you want... there is some absolutely astonishing work on display. And thanks again ;-) ..e^)

con glo me rate

Here I go again with material and process taking centre stage. First I painted the whole thing black. A great surface to work on. Next I embedded tissue paper in the surface, then using my fingers and squeezing out directly onto the canvas, I start working in the colours using circular movements and slightly overlapping the dots. Great. Now I collage on a little children's hymn which I cut into strips, along with the petals of an artificial peony. Then more paint directly onto the canvas, worked with my fingers. Then my brain just had to make sense of it all and slowly a face was lifted out.. and I had to stop there to leave some room and freedom for the imagination to take over. Our brains are such powerful instruments! Available from trademe for a week.. enjoy Easter! ..e^)

SigSwap 2012

Call for artistsEntry is now open for the 2012 International Signature Exchange and all artists are invited to take part in this second exchange, closing date 20 September 2012InfoSee the website for all information and do let me know if you're taking part this year so we can add your name to the growing list of artists for 2012. Art Swappers is also on Facebook and Twitterso do pop in and 'like' or 'follow' us ;-) Looking forward to do this again this year erika

three baa-baas from Bremen

Poppy'd been reading up on her nursery rhymes and fables about a certain Mary who took her lamb to school one day.. It caused a commotion of course and the teacher banned it from the classroom, but the sheep hung around and eventually followed Mary home again. Why did the lamb love Mary so? Because Mary loved the lamb so.. and this is a true story, mind you. From America :-) She also thought she could write her own little story book on how her own three lambs could do the same tricks as those famous musicians from Bremen - who actually never went to Bremen. Hers surely made the same sort of racket when they got going.. enough to set your ears ringing for a couple of hours at least, but whether it will scare off anyone is not sure. Yet. What she was sure about though, is that they're all wearing wool.. For sale here for a week or so.. thanks for visiting my blogspot ..e^)

My rag

is to me one of the most beautiful things... holding all the colours and memories of works long gone. I feel strongly attached to it and feel like exhibiting it along with other ethereal stuff to make up an exhibition of just that - the signification of the work that went into the 'works'. If you have something similar that you love like this, comment below with a link so we can see it all.. This is a picture of my linen rag, used now for phew about 7 years, just after I washed and dried it. As it gets older, the oil paints from earlier paintings get washed out more and fades, so the stronger colours are the latest ones I worked with, much like memories and layered history.. You have something similar? ..e^)

Help save Wallace gallery Morrinsville by...

bidding on any of these awesome little works that were done by 95 NZ artists like Diana Adams, Kay de Lautour Scott, Otis Frizzell, John Key, Annah Stretton, Pamela Tapp, Peter Wheeler and many more... Date: 8 March from 7pm More info here And this is my contribution - remember?

ICE 2012

It's that time of the year again and I'm taking part in the International Collage Exchange for the I don't know how many-ith time. The first excitement is when the online exhibition goes live online, the second excitement is when the return pack comes home... all in all so worth it. Can't wait! ..e^)

watercolour magic magic

..the flow, the transparent colours letting through the light, the unexpected rivulets and the staining of the pristine white paper, pooling in the crevasses everywhere.. how I love watercolours! They surprise me, they let me control them just a little, and then they start singing... surprising me with the lyrics lol!! 'eyes of the mind' is in Daler Rowney w/colours on 300gsm cp acid free watercolour paper, framed in a silver colour frame, the whole thing is 310mm x 360mm with the little painting about 150mm x 200mm and it's available on trademe to NZ art collectors only - shout if you want something similar on ebay or etsy, ok?

Lei for Love

Latest oil painting done in sapphire blue, alizarin crimson and titanium white - how hard is it to photograph red!!! It is 610 x 200 x 35mm on stretched canvas, ready to hang, sides painted black. Available through trademe for a week.. Leis are the most wonderful way of saying I love you - especially ones made with real flowers by loving human hands. I still remember the daisy chains we made as kids, beautifully simple and sincere.. never mind the sneezes and hay fever .. But according to the dictionary it can be a number of objects strung together to be worn around the neck..... mmm that gives me a thousand ideas again .. till next time ..e^)

wind powered

Image eco-friendly can you get! Latest little painting, just for the fun of it and because I can ;-) - after all wheels are the only contraption invented by man that has stayed the same since yonks, right? Love skates. Love penguins on skates ;-) "wind powered" oil on stretched canvas 255 x 255mm (10" x 10") available on trademe for this coming week.. thanks for popping in ..e^)

queen of hearts

It's February already and time again to think love and romance... and the symbol of the heart. I had fun preparing this canvas and scattered blue hearts all over it, not knowing what will come of it. So this elongated figure landed on it, in elegant dress with white flowers in her hair.. and she captured all the hearts flying around! One settled on her back like wings... so this queen of hearts can actually fly ;-) Thanks for visiting my blog, do take a look at my website too, and if you're interested in handmade books, have a look here... till next time ..e^) SOLD

poppyana and the blue birds

Poppyana popped in again to say hi, this time wearing three blue birds... Oil on stretched canvas - 610 x 200 x 35mm which I think is 24" x 8" or so. This is available from trademe for about 10 days, starting bid is $50 but shhhh don't tell Poppy! ..e^) Poppyana is now..... sold! :-) and going to live in Nelson ..e^)

watercolour seascape

Another painting done as part of the free online watercolour course offered by the Paint Basket.  I loved doing this one, although it's not exactly correct as I simplified and improvised a little.... but hey, that's what it's all about isn't it?  I've always wanted to do watercolours after seeing my sister's watercolour works... she's a genius!  I don't exactly know how I ended up doing oils... oh yes wait, it was a dare from my hubby, yes, that's it. Long time ago.  Then I learnt acrylics - which is still an ongoing love/hate saga... then I tried acrylics using the w/c method.... until now.  You see: I might be a little controlling, okay then, too controlling, with a tendency to fiddle... so oils suit me to a t.... and I just love w/c for the simple fact that they open up again after they'd dried... so I can fiddle some more!  (Although.... tell you a secret: they are wonderful left in their prime state of pure washes - if you've done it ri…

Simplifying an image..

..resulted in this watercolour painting.  Done as part of a free online course offered by the Paint Basket.  They're also offering a free course teaching how to paint oil paintings using acrylics - yes, that's right!  So maybe now I will make friends with acrylics??  We'll see...  but do join us if you're feeling creative, it's great inspiration to get you painting ;-)

..and I have to honest, this was my second try - the first one, well, the dog ate it.  Oh yes that's true I don't own a dog... ok then let's just say something happened to it and I can't show it anymore ;-)

Happy day!

next in the watercolour webinar series...

Image a tonal watercolour painting of a fisherman's cottage..  The webinar has been so popular that the sheer numbers threatened to shut down the server and scores of people were left out in the dark.  Fortunately the replay will be available soon from The Paint Basket and we can all watch it in toto ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blogspot - see soon ..e^)

cosmos in watercolours

Today I started a free online watercolour course offered by The Paint Basket.. and enjoyed it so much!  Watercolours are a tricky medium or so they always say, but I have a sneaky feeling that one can get hooked and that's the real reason they warn you off... ;-)  I've just done a tiny tiny watercolour also for a pendant - although it's a whole 18mm in diameter, I had to use reading glasses to paint it... and now I'm seeing double LOL!

That's my 2012 started properly.. hope yours is a good start too, and may it last the whole year ;-)

God bless

watching too

A very happy New Year to all of us - may you find what you are searching for in 2012  ;-) and if you're not searching for anything, why then have a happy peaceful one!

This little work is the first for 2012, done on 200mm x 200mm paper which was sent to me via Janet Barratt from the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville, NZ.  They are fundraising for the gallery as they have been informed that they will not be getting the working grant they normally receive to keep things ticking along.  Tough times demand action, not?

So I set about experimenting with marbling inks - what fun! - and found that I liked the back of the paper more.... sigh, what's new?  So I did some drawing using amazing Colorix pastel/crayon/watercolour colours and graphite - how I love drawing.. the direct control of the instrument, the personal touch, the immediate materials.

This will be for sale through Wallace Gallery in February 2012 ..e^)