cosmos in watercolours

Today I started a free online watercolour course offered by The Paint Basket.. and enjoyed it so much!  Watercolours are a tricky medium or so they always say, but I have a sneaky feeling that one can get hooked and that's the real reason they warn you off... ;-)  I've just done a tiny tiny watercolour also for a pendant - although it's a whole 18mm in diameter, I had to use reading glasses to paint it... and now I'm seeing double LOL!

That's my 2012 started properly.. hope yours is a good start too, and may it last the whole year ;-)

God bless


Kay said…
My favourite medium... yes, there is no hope for you now. You are a "gonna", once in love with watercolours there is no turning back :-) What a great start to the New Year!
Amanda Brett said…
yep you're done for now, bitten by the watercolour bug!!
cheers amanda
Dennis said…
Glad you enjoyed the class. I see you are a fast worker.
Kay and Amanda! yes, I think I'm watercolour doomed thanks to you Dennis! The class had some magic in there... and it's contagious LOL! Thanks for taking the time to comment.. three great watercolour artists, masters and teachers ..e^)
Hello Erik,
Yes, it will be a wonderful new year.
I would like to complement you on you beautiful and feminine art work.
I enjoy working in many mediums myself.

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