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A very happy New Year to all of us - may you find what you are searching for in 2012  ;-) and if you're not searching for anything, why then have a happy peaceful one!

This little work is the first for 2012, done on 200mm x 200mm paper which was sent to me via Janet Barratt from the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville, NZ.  They are fundraising for the gallery as they have been informed that they will not be getting the working grant they normally receive to keep things ticking along.  Tough times demand action, not?

So I set about experimenting with marbling inks - what fun! - and found that I liked the back of the paper more.... sigh, what's new?  So I did some drawing using amazing Colorix pastel/crayon/watercolour colours and graphite - how I love drawing.. the direct control of the instrument, the personal touch, the immediate materials.

This will be for sale through Wallace Gallery in February 2012 ..e^)


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