watercolour seascape

Another painting done as part of the free online watercolour course offered by the Paint Basket.  I loved doing this one, although it's not exactly correct as I simplified and improvised a little.... but hey, that's what it's all about isn't it?  I've always wanted to do watercolours after seeing my sister's watercolour works... she's a genius!  I don't exactly know how I ended up doing oils... oh yes wait, it was a dare from my hubby, yes, that's it. Long time ago.  Then I learnt acrylics - which is still an ongoing love/hate saga... then I tried acrylics using the w/c method.... until now.  You see: I might be a little controlling, okay then, too controlling, with a tendency to fiddle... so oils suit me to a t.... and I just love w/c for the simple fact that they open up again after they'd dried... so I can fiddle some more!  (Although.... tell you a secret: they are wonderful left in their prime state of pure washes - if you've done it right!)

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