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watercolour magic magic

..the flow, the transparent colours letting through the light, the unexpected rivulets and the staining of the pristine white paper, pooling in the crevasses everywhere.. how I love watercolours! They surprise me, they let me control them just a little, and then they start singing... surprising me with the lyrics lol!! 'eyes of the mind' is in Daler Rowney w/colours on 300gsm cp acid free watercolour paper, framed in a silver colour frame, the whole thing is 310mm x 360mm with the little painting about 150mm x 200mm and it's available on trademe to NZ art collectors only - shout if you want something similar on ebay or etsy, ok?

Lei for Love

Latest oil painting done in sapphire blue, alizarin crimson and titanium white - how hard is it to photograph red!!! It is 610 x 200 x 35mm on stretched canvas, ready to hang, sides painted black. Available through trademe for a week.. Leis are the most wonderful way of saying I love you - especially ones made with real flowers by loving human hands. I still remember the daisy chains we made as kids, beautifully simple and sincere.. never mind the sneezes and hay fever .. But according to the dictionary it can be a number of objects strung together to be worn around the neck..... mmm that gives me a thousand ideas again .. till next time ..e^)

wind powered

Image eco-friendly can you get! Latest little painting, just for the fun of it and because I can ;-) - after all wheels are the only contraption invented by man that has stayed the same since yonks, right? Love skates. Love penguins on skates ;-) "wind powered" oil on stretched canvas 255 x 255mm (10" x 10") available on trademe for this coming week.. thanks for popping in ..e^)

queen of hearts

It's February already and time again to think love and romance... and the symbol of the heart. I had fun preparing this canvas and scattered blue hearts all over it, not knowing what will come of it. So this elongated figure landed on it, in elegant dress with white flowers in her hair.. and she captured all the hearts flying around! One settled on her back like wings... so this queen of hearts can actually fly ;-) Thanks for visiting my blog, do take a look at my website too, and if you're interested in handmade books, have a look here... till next time ..e^) SOLD

poppyana and the blue birds

Poppyana popped in again to say hi, this time wearing three blue birds... Oil on stretched canvas - 610 x 200 x 35mm which I think is 24" x 8" or so. This is available from trademe for about 10 days, starting bid is $50 but shhhh don't tell Poppy! ..e^) Poppyana is now..... sold! :-) and going to live in Nelson ..e^)