Lei for Love

Latest oil painting done in sapphire blue, alizarin crimson and titanium white - how hard is it to photograph red!!! It is 610 x 200 x 35mm on stretched canvas, ready to hang, sides painted black. Available through trademe for a week..
Leis are the most wonderful way of saying I love you - especially ones made with real flowers by loving human hands. I still remember the daisy chains we made as kids, beautifully simple and sincere.. never mind the sneezes and hay fever .. But according to the dictionary it can be a number of objects strung together to be worn around the neck..... mmm that gives me a thousand ideas again .. till next time ..e^)


Hanna said…
Vau, I like that picture! You are great! :)
Dd said…
Goosh I love that pic!!

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