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three baa-baas from Bremen

Poppy'd been reading up on her nursery rhymes and fables about a certain Mary who took her lamb to school one day.. It caused a commotion of course and the teacher banned it from the classroom, but the sheep hung around and eventually followed Mary home again. Why did the lamb love Mary so? Because Mary loved the lamb so.. and this is a true story, mind you. From America :-) She also thought she could write her own little story book on how her own three lambs could do the same tricks as those famous musicians from Bremen - who actually never went to Bremen. Hers surely made the same sort of racket when they got going.. enough to set your ears ringing for a couple of hours at least, but whether it will scare off anyone is not sure. Yet. What she was sure about though, is that they're all wearing wool.. For sale here for a week or so.. thanks for visiting my blogspot ..e^)

My rag

is to me one of the most beautiful things... holding all the colours and memories of works long gone. I feel strongly attached to it and feel like exhibiting it along with other ethereal stuff to make up an exhibition of just that - the signification of the work that went into the 'works'. If you have something similar that you love like this, comment below with a link so we can see it all.. This is a picture of my linen rag, used now for phew about 7 years, just after I washed and dried it. As it gets older, the oil paints from earlier paintings get washed out more and fades, so the stronger colours are the latest ones I worked with, much like memories and layered history.. You have something similar? ..e^)

Help save Wallace gallery Morrinsville by...

bidding on any of these awesome little works that were done by 95 NZ artists like Diana Adams, Kay de Lautour Scott, Otis Frizzell, John Key, Annah Stretton, Pamela Tapp, Peter Wheeler and many more... Date: 8 March from 7pm More info here And this is my contribution - remember?

ICE 2012

It's that time of the year again and I'm taking part in the International Collage Exchange for the I don't know how many-ith time. The first excitement is when the online exhibition goes live online, the second excitement is when the return pack comes home... all in all so worth it. Can't wait! ..e^)