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one of a kind

Painted today, using the tube.. then some finger painting, and then some brushwork.
After some awesome looking Leghorns my dear Granny used to keep on the farm.  But those turkeys were scary.... ;-)  Thanks for watching my blog ..e^)

Just a quick (click) request..

..if you have a moment and don't mind me asking...Please go to this page and then log in using your Facebook account, or register a new account. Then have a look at my profile and click the "collect me" button to help me get into the show.... Through clicking the "collect me" button you will help me get some possible exposure in New York... the art central of the world they say - I just need five more "collects" to be in the game.. Thank you to all those willing and able... you're so sweet!!! Oh and while you're there, do have a browse through the "artists wanted" and "collect" as many artists you want... there is some absolutely astonishing work on display. And thanks again ;-) ..e^)

con glo me rate

Here I go again with material and process taking centre stage. First I painted the whole thing black. A great surface to work on. Next I embedded tissue paper in the surface, then using my fingers and squeezing out directly onto the canvas, I start working in the colours using circular movements and slightly overlapping the dots. Great. Now I collage on a little children's hymn which I cut into strips, along with the petals of an artificial peony. Then more paint directly onto the canvas, worked with my fingers. Then my brain just had to make sense of it all and slowly a face was lifted out.. and I had to stop there to leave some room and freedom for the imagination to take over. Our brains are such powerful instruments! Available from trademe for a week.. enjoy Easter! ..e^)

SigSwap 2012

Call for artistsEntry is now open for the 2012 International Signature Exchange and all artists are invited to take part in this second exchange, closing date 20 September 2012InfoSee the website for all information and do let me know if you're taking part this year so we can add your name to the growing list of artists for 2012. Art Swappers is also on Facebook and Twitterso do pop in and 'like' or 'follow' us ;-) Looking forward to do this again this year erika