Just a quick (click) request..

..if you have a moment and don't mind me asking...
Please go to this page and then log in using your Facebook account, or register a new account. Then have a look at my profile and click the "collect me" button to help me get into the show....
Through clicking the "collect me" button you will help me get some possible exposure in New York... the art central of the world they say - I just need five more "collects" to be in the game..
Thank you to all those willing and able... you're so sweet!!!
Oh and while you're there, do have a browse through the "artists wanted" and "collect" as many artists you want... there is some absolutely astonishing work on display.
And thanks again ;-) ..e^)


Jo Murray said…
I'm in Erika.... great art.
Much appreciated Jo! I see we're both in ICE again this year ;-) - look forward to the return packs..
Annasz said…
Hey! You have a amazing blog.
Greetrs from Poland,

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