This and that...

Have been busy preparing works for a couple of local art shows ;-) They promise to be huge, wonderful shows, not to be missed!!!

I'm chuffed to have five or six works in each of these shows:

Riversdale 39th Art Exhibition held 21 - 29 July at
73 Newcastle Street

and also

NZ Art Show held 2-5 August at
The Events Centre
Queens Wharf

'Nonconformist' (oil on stretched canvas - 900mm x 600mm) was selected as finalist in this year's Cliftons Art Award (which was won by Gary Roberts of Auckland).  Contact me if you're interested in owning this painting

Kindest regards


20/11/12 - This painting is now SOLD  ..e^)


Jo Murray said…
Good luck with your shows Erika. It's a gorgeous work... congratulations.
Thank you Jo, you're so sweet! ..e^)
good luck, hey... how do you like have you tried redbubble?
thanks Deb.. I'm on both the mentioned websites and I think they generate traffic for my website ;-)
Lilly said…
Wonderful painting! =)
Hi, I have seen your pictures by Denthe and so I found your site. I love your stretched persons so much but also this one. Beautiful art work. It's really amazing and love your style.
Lovely greet
Thank you Marja! I'm excited to go have a look at your 'stamp addiction' now.... Thanks for taking a look at my work ..e^)
Oh how different and Lovely!!! I love the expressions on there faces. Regards~Shelly
Thanks Shelly ;-)

and thanks Lilly :-)
Anonymous said…

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