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Winter Fuzzies

At last winter has arrived, with rain, wind, cold and lots of indoor opportunities like eating, drinking, painting, eating and did I mention drinking?  Tea of course.  So it's all about getting the layers on, getting nice and toasty and then squeezing out.. mixing.. and slapping it on the canvas.  Nice and slow. And if you know me there will be lots of wiping off and trying again LOL...

Good opportunities too for taking part in a couple of group shows, the first of these is the Original Art Sale 17 - 19 May 2013 and it's held annually in the Vodafone Events Centre, 770 Great South Road, Manukau, Auckland.

Four oil paintings are waiting in the stock room..

 Good Book, 760 x 500 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas $600
now sold
Knit Knot Tree, 1020 x 510 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas  $900 now sold
 Done and Dusted, 600 x 600 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas  $850
now sold
Pearl Tree, 1016 x 760 x 35mm oil on stretched canvas  $1200

There are bigger pictures on my webpage .. thanks for …

week 14 - another grateful journal

and here she is... another scrumptious leather bound book ready to use as a grateful journal.  Just add your own sentiments and chimera and make it your own..

It's available from and will ship anywhere in the world.

Thanks for watching my blog - my oil paintings are here if you'd like to see what I do apart from play around on this blog ;-)  - see soon ..e^)

week 11, 12 and 13 rolled into one..

with these 'fortune cookies'.  These are done in mixed media on little canvas blocks of 4" x 4" or 100mm x 100mm x 35mm.  They are all sealed with a good number of gloss varnish that will make them last a lifetime.  The quotes come from real fortune cookies, of the kilojoules sort.  Guess what happened to them..

A similar set of 16 blocks is hanging in Mega Cafe, Mitre 10 Mega, Oteha Valley Road, Albany and are available at $20 each.

 Thanks for following my blog ;-)  ..e^)

week 10 - nothing...

Art is about making, yes?

When you make nothing, is that something too?  If it is something, then why can't I photograph it and post it up here??  On the other hand, if I made something, but you can't see it, is that nothing?  Or is there no thing like nothing, some thing that is something... ;-)

Ok let's get to the point: art is a fickle thing.. and after having my feathers ruffled by a puff of wind from Taupo I sort of found myself in a windless spot, just couldn't get airborne again and sat in the same spot for a while.. licking my wounds, and finding creativity out of the question.  See, you have to be in that 'zone' to really be creative otherwise it's a waste of precious paint.  No good.

So there's really nothing I can show you for week 10 and week 11 is upon us already.. so see you later, have some serious catching up to do ;-)

week 9 - more leather bound mini journals

I'm so enjoying making these little leather bound books - ready to use as art journal, travel journal, mini card book, or whatever..  I can just imagine what wonderful little artworks they can turn into.  So here are two more for week 9 of 52:

This is the first one, 57mm x 48mm with 58 little pages, Bockingford paper 110gsm, acid and lignin free.  There are small pieces of paper collage included on some pages, leather bound in chocolate brown genuine buffalo leather off-cut and bound with with deep yellow thread.  Looking just a tad scruffy and so ready for some action...

The second one is 60mm x 53mm with 90 little pages in Bockingford 110gsm paper.  The cover is from real buffalo leather off-cuts in black and the little book is looking sharp and neat.  The end papers are seagreen 70's wall paper.  This little journal means business.... ;-)

And that's it for this week, all loaded onto my quaint little shop on if you're interested and feel like some journal…

week 8 - grateful journal

I heard Oprah talk about a 'grateful journal' in which she used to write down all the little things that made her happy, and how, after a couple of years, she was amazed to read through this journal again.

So I set about making one such a 'grateful journal'.  Only this one is empty and will become the property of someone about to become a 'grateful journal' artist...

I think I need one too, so will be making another for moi also ;-)

Bockingford 110gsm paper, acid and lignin free, real buffalo leather (recycling off-cuts) with tie in chocolate brown, end paper in sea green is from remnants from 70's wall paper, some embellishments - the expandable leather cover is generous in proportion and will hold substantial additions to this journal.

Now it's over to you - available from and shipped anywhere in the world.
Thanks for following my weekly journey ..e^)

week 7 - ophelia dreaming

Ophelia Dreaming was painted on a recycled canvas, one that was treated in a mixed media way previously.  I preferred to keep the texture and added an oil painting onto this.  I like the way the canvas shows a previous life, a history.  With a new purpose.

Ophelia Dreaming, oil on mixed media stretched canvas, 610mm x 610mm x 35mm, ready to hang without framing.  Available from trade me for a while.

This is now sold

week 6 - decals

Square stretched canvas, acrylic paints, with silicon 'decals' as I call them.  Colour wheel stuff, and sealed with layers of varnish.  This is the type of process art I get excited about, I guess it's the process of making the work that is what gets me going.. although one could agonise over the reference to the colour wheel...

200 x 200 x 35mm or 8" x 8" x 1.5" acrylic and silicon on stretched canvas sealed with polyurethane varnish

Available on auction at trade me for about 10 days

Thanks for looking ;-)


week 5 - mon lis

oil on recycled canvas - 400 x 200 or 16" x 8" stretched canvas

There is some interesting texture on this canvas due to the previous work done (in acrylics) and after having gessoed it again, Mon Lis appeared... done in oils.  There are some draw marks and smears visible, as well as spots of previous colours used which appeared when I sanded the surface lightly.  So it resembles a 'work in progress' - or 'process'.. I like it.

Mon Lis will be hanging in White Flower, Clyde Court, Browns Bay for the next week or so, and she's up for auction at

Thanks for visiting my blog ;-) - back next week with the next installment  ..e^)


week 4 - fluttering by..

week 4 and I've done a little oil painting again, 8" by 8" on stretched canvas.  I bought gold oil paint a fair number of years ago and never used it.. until now.  It's creamy, it's cooperative, it's beautiful and it's looking good.. but not cheap.  (I must have been a crow in a previous life, shiny things always catch my eye ;-) )

Thanks for taking a look, will be back in a week :-)

week 3 - listen

to the seashells
the thousand voices
coming from the sea
speaking of the ocean
and all the creatures
living there

oils on canvas 510mm x 260mm x 35mm stretched, listed on trade me then on to eBay if not sold.

Week 2 - oils

Painting in oils is my all time favourite.. the way one can push the paint around and play until it's juuuuust right.  Or you run out of patience.  Which happens ;-)
This one is a small one of 8" x 8" in decorative style - I love African masks carved from wood, this one has a New Zealand flavour.  Those are the main cultures I have been exposed to, all knit knotted into one little image.

The painting is so small that I sort of ran out of space so I decided to paint around the edges for a change..

The title is 'The Secret' - 8" x 8" or 200 x 200 x 35mm and I'm listing it on trademe for a week, then on to eBay

Thanks for following my 2013 journey - blessings ..e^)

2013 art project

Hi everyone and welcome to 2013 and the first post of the year....

Years ago I started this blog with a 'painting a week' project - 2013 is as good a year as any to follow that concept again, don't you think?  This time I will be listing them on eBay so that the little work is available to people everywhere, not just in little New Zealand far away in the South Pacific ;-)

Also different this time is that the 'works' will not necessarily be paintings every week.. and ooooh I'm in love with making leather bound miniature notebooks at the moment.. so small that you can pop it into your pocket and take it travelling, and turn it into an art journal if you like.  Every one is unique and a one off.. I just have to share.

Okay. Off to a running start with Week 1 - and below is a 4' x 4' leather bound notebook with 34 tea stained papers - about 70 little pages each 4' x 4' or 10cm x 10cm.  The book end papers is from 60's wallpaper samples, the cov…