2013 art project

Hi everyone and welcome to 2013 and the first post of the year....

Years ago I started this blog with a 'painting a week' project - 2013 is as good a year as any to follow that concept again, don't you think?  This time I will be listing them on eBay so that the little work is available to people everywhere, not just in little New Zealand far away in the South Pacific ;-)

Also different this time is that the 'works' will not necessarily be paintings every week.. and ooooh I'm in love with making leather bound miniature notebooks at the moment.. so small that you can pop it into your pocket and take it travelling, and turn it into an art journal if you like.  Every one is unique and a one off.. I just have to share.

Okay. Off to a running start with Week 1 - and below is a 4' x 4' leather bound notebook with 34 tea stained papers - about 70 little pages each 4' x 4' or 10cm x 10cm.  The book end papers is from 60's wallpaper samples, the cover is real hide in chocolate brown, with a leather string tie that leaves room for the book to expand as you add your ephemera.

I love it.  It feels wonderful to the touch, soft but firm.  And it smells like Earl Grey tea ;-)

On eBay for a while..  see next week!!!


How wonderful Erika! I can already imagine owning a little book like that! xx

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