Week 2 - oils

Painting in oils is my all time favourite.. the way one can push the paint around and play until it's juuuuust right.  Or you run out of patience.  Which happens ;-)
This one is a small one of 8" x 8" in decorative style - I love African masks carved from wood, this one has a New Zealand flavour.  Those are the main cultures I have been exposed to, all knit knotted into one little image.

The painting is so small that I sort of ran out of space so I decided to paint around the edges for a change..

The title is 'The Secret' - 8" x 8" or 200 x 200 x 35mm and I'm listing it on trademe for a week, then on to eBay

Thanks for following my 2013 journey - blessings ..e^)


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