week 8 - grateful journal

I heard Oprah talk about a 'grateful journal' in which she used to write down all the little things that made her happy, and how, after a couple of years, she was amazed to read through this journal again.

So I set about making one such a 'grateful journal'.  Only this one is empty and will become the property of someone about to become a 'grateful journal' artist...

I think I need one too, so will be making another for moi also ;-)

Bockingford 110gsm paper, acid and lignin free, real buffalo leather (recycling off-cuts) with tie in chocolate brown, end paper in sea green is from remnants from 70's wall paper, some embellishments - the expandable leather cover is generous in proportion and will hold substantial additions to this journal.

Now it's over to you - available from felt.co.nz and shipped anywhere in the world.
Thanks for following my weekly journey ..e^)


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