week 9 - more leather bound mini journals

I'm so enjoying making these little leather bound books - ready to use as art journal, travel journal, mini card book, or whatever..  I can just imagine what wonderful little artworks they can turn into.  So here are two more for week 9 of 52:

This is the first one, 57mm x 48mm with 58 little pages, Bockingford paper 110gsm, acid and lignin free.  There are small pieces of paper collage included on some pages, leather bound in chocolate brown genuine buffalo leather off-cut and bound with with deep yellow thread.  Looking just a tad scruffy and so ready for some action...

The second one is 60mm x 53mm with 90 little pages in Bockingford 110gsm paper.  The cover is from real buffalo leather off-cuts in black and the little book is looking sharp and neat.  The end papers are seagreen 70's wall paper.  This little journal means business.... ;-)

And that's it for this week, all loaded onto my quaint little shop on felt.co.nz if you're interested and feel like some journalling... it's all yours!  ..e^)


Jo Murray said…
Such delightful little journals. If only I had some spare $$$s.
thanks Jo for cheering me on.. send me your address and I'll pop one in the post for you... Cheer Prize Award ;-)
Robie Benve Art said…
Hi there, I was blog-hopping and I'm grateful I came across yours. These journals are so cute and precious! Thanks for sharing.
Syed Kazim Ali said…
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