100 days project

One thing every day for 100 days.. how hard can it be?  Well, not too hard as I've signed up for the same thing for a second year.

I've learnt that it has to be something really easy and quick to do - the longer it takes and the harder it is, the greater the possibility that you won't complete the 100 days and drop out along the way.  And me being compulsive and a wee bit driven find it really hard to say I've lost the battle.. competitive I think, is what some people might describe it.

So I handmade a book with exactly 100 spreads and decided to do some drawing on each spread, then add some acrylic paint in watercolour technique and Bob's your uncle, not mine ;-) To make it a little more interesting I decided to start drawing a line and then close my eyes, keep going, and then try to end on the exact spot where I started, eyes still closed.  Then I would open me eyes, study the line, add some more drawing and then some colour.  I tried to visit the colours of the rainbow for around 15 pages each, with some transition in between.

About the hit rate of landing on the starting point, well you will have to page the book to find the answer... ;-)

It is for sale on trademe for a while and here is a one minute slideshow:

Thanks for your visit - till next time


Jo Murray said…
Well done! I've signed up for a 100 drawings workshop in January. Will I make it?...I hope so.
No doubt about it Jo, we're suckers for a challenge.. good luck ;-)

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