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a residency of a different kind..

For the next year or so I am fortunate to be on a particularly interesting residency.. living and working on a boat in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf! All went well with moving into my new creative space and it should be interesting to see in what ways these new circumstances will influence my work..

Anyway, having retrained my two cats to accept living on a boat, and sizing down the scale of my works just a little for them to fit into the new space, things have settled again into a smooth rhythm.

Just off the easel is this one done mostly in acrylics, with some graphite and a sprinkle of glitter for good measure and just because I can ;-) - called "queen of dotted hearts and green pears".  Size is 500mm x 400mm x 30mm stretched canvas and one of two new works destined for Gallery Helena Bay

Thanks for visiting - see again soon :-)