the fascinating work of Carolyn Swart

Beautiful art is everywhere and I have had the privilege to get to know the work of Carolyn Swart quite intimately, i.e. holding it in my hand, flip it over, turn it to the light, set it down and take it up again. 

Carolyn is from NSW, Australia, and for the last couple of years she has taken part in the 'signature exchange' which a small group of artists do once a year. This year however, a broken wrist prohibited her from taking part. But I thought I'd show you a sample of her work in mixed and multi media.. and she likes working with distressed plastic ;-)

Morning tea time - collage on card
'Morning tea time'  was part of the ICE 17 2014 - more here

" I am always thinking "What if.." I am a constant fiddler experimenting with design texture and colour, and as such I don't always obey the rules. " - Carolyn

cocktail waistcoat
"Mostly silk and voile on fine wool background. I also have a cummerbund I made to go with it BUT it is either one or the other you wear otherwise you look like New Years Eve all over....  heheh " - C

pink strips through orange
"I love this one, not sure if I will stitch it over or not. The colours are just so right to be together. I do like the simplicity of it. If I stitch the ribs they will be too stiff.  Not wanting to glue them either. hmm!  " -C

the green girl

"Plastic again, work in progress, I just love distressing it.... hehe The Green Girl is up to no Good!! Oh Oh!" - C

plastic art quilt
 " Picture of little quilt I am just finishing.. Mostly distressed plastic, string, silks all mashed into shape with free motion quilting.  Not quite A4 size " - C

my fave collage - soft and warm
"Unfinished as I love him..... Will not give him away....." - C

You can contact Carolyn through her email - remove the spaces :-) crowngypsy @ optusnet . com . au

Thanks Carolyn for sharing your art with us!


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