2016 and kicking up a storm... week 1

Happy New Year all you beautiful people. Here in New Zealand 2016 started off with some strong winds (good for some serious sailing) and rain fit for a couple of sizeable farms. A country full of sizeable farms at that! Wherever you are, may this new year be packed with good things, happy times, spiritual growth, family and friends to hold dear and shower with love. Above all, may you be the beautiful person you were created to be, carry your weight and bloody rock the boat!

New year, new energy to make new plans to get some art out there. So I thought I'd take up the old exercise of making a little work every week for a year, just because I can (try), right? Off with a bang then in the shape of the earth, a 3D work, to be suspended from somewhere up high via clear fishing line which should not be too visible. The ball was painted beautiful greens, blues, purples and pinks which were then the base for all kinds of butterflies, one of my favourite goggas, up there with ladybugs.. Throw in some fabric flowers for good measure and add some more paint

Then the globe got the "seasonal" treatment, gradually shading it to white on the one side. It does look rather spectacular when slowly spinning in the breeze.. the colours hiding under the butterfly wings growing stronger as it's spinning around, then fading away again.

Size is 240mm in diameter, materials are polystyrene, gesso, acrylic paints, wood, fabric and paper

And here is a very short video of the globe in action :)

Thanks for the visit ;) See soon


weaver09 said…
I love it. Mesmerising

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