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work 22 - hats away

Yep, hats off to you for returning to this blog ;-)

No seriously, if it wasn't for you beautiful people coming back here to see more of my scribblings on canvas and paper, where would this be?

Hats hold a special place in my heart.. that very special piece of clothing without which an outfit would just not be the same. Hence my fascination with royalty, and just for their hat flair!!!

Big ones, small ones, wide brims, small ones, straight, curved and then the decorations.. oh my heart. Flowers, bows, little floaty feathery tendrils that move with every subtle movement of the head.

I do think I belong to the previous era, just for the sake of the hats LOL! Winter ones, summer, autumn and spring, in all colours of the rainbow, but especially pastel ones...

And then when the wind picks up and lifts it off your head, pin 'n' all, then catch, baby, catch! :-)

This is available on trade me for this week.
Pop in again soon, ok? erika