she sells sea shells she should share..

Hi there, hope my southern hemisphere friends are keeping warm, and those up north are having fun.. remember, the days are getting shorter already for you guys muhahahaaaa!! ;-)

I've been having loads of fun with.. you guessed it... watercolour!! I've been doing a lot of drawing lately, inspired by this online course which I recommend to all. Nothing like rekindling the old spirit and getting out the trusty old graphite and a piece of nice paper. There is something pure and true about pencil and paper and I dream of an exhibition showing only drawings on huge strips of paper!!!! I wish.

In the meantime I have a couple of small works in the making for an exhibition at Huia Gallery in  August (14 - 28), Odlins Lower Hutt, Wellington, reflecting on the ocean... "handle with care" will be included - the shell skeleton is that of a Coluzea Altocanalis, found in NZ waters around the Chatham Islands, and only about 6 - 8cm long. Te Papa has some samples..

Thanks for visiting.. e^)


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