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a fine cuppa tea

Man, I've been thinking. As you do, but I have to grab the odd thought that pops into my head, usually as a result of something else that sparks it.. so not of my own making entirely.

So I made myself a cup of tea - a glorious cuppa mi chai from Healtheries. Which sparked it all, you see, for the teabag tag had a message on it "tea.. (and on the reverse) always a good idea".

Gives one the warm fuzzies, not?

And then I another that said "be happy.. (flick it) ..and smile".

We can play with that one. How about "smile ... and be happy" as I believe one can change one's mood by pasting on a fake smile - and then slowly work your way into swapping the fake smile with a real smile. Mi chai actually makes this really possible. Try it. Spread the smile from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the eyes.

So another tag said "you are ... my cup of tea".  Aw, so the smile worked?

Enough stuff and fluff, time for one more, then back to w…