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art in matakana - mARTakana

Art and fundraising for a worthy cause - Hospice Warkworth and Wellsford.

I've been lucky to be invited again to submit work for this annual art show held in Matakana - a must-see place with a special vibe!

"the importance of the pink toy" is fresh off the easel and will be available at the show this weekend.

 We were house sitting looking after a particularly skittish cat. It tolerated us in the house but only started to interact when I discovered that this 'very important pink toy' really was very important... I could see Mitzy  watching me, thinking "it took you a week to work this out.."  After that we had many mad sessions tearing around the house. But only when she was so inclined..

More info on the show is at Matakana School Hall, 952 Matakana Road, Matakana.

mARTakana Wine & Cheese this Friday Exhibition and sale from 10am Friday to 4pm Sunday
Listen up, art lovers! Martakana 2018 opens on 19th January and promises some fresh and exciting work …