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the linen prep - part 3

We have been fortunate to move to a lovely little country town in the Kaipara called Maungaturoto and I have been blessed with a whole room to myself, that I can call my studio. Can you imagine? After living on a boat for 3 years, with art-making (on a real scale) near impossible, this is like putting my head into a tumble drier with all the ideas and fluff going around in circles. Where to start??

First, we're enjoying the beautiful view from our back porch. Next, I thought I'd work on the linen canvas to see if I can make something of it. So on went some acrylic paint in a wild flurry, with me dancing around it and revelling the space... The plan is to take it off these stretchers, find smaller stretcher bars which might fit better, then stretch the linen for the final time, ready to start a painting - I can already see things in those colours, can you?